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Wisconsin is known for its cheese curds, but there are plenty of other popular dishes to enjoy in Green Bay Wisconsin. If you’re visiting the area or just looking for something new to try, check out some of these local favorites. From pizza to fish fries, there’s something for everyone!

Popular Dishes and Drinks in Green Bay Wisconsin To Try!

Chili With Noodles

Green Bay chili’s spaghetti is what first-timers notice. Green Bay chili is a flavorful mix of kidney beans, raw onions, cheddar cheese, sour cream, buttered spaghetti, and ground beef.

“Chili” John Isaac, a Lithuanian immigrant who opened Chili John’s in 1913, blended ground beef with “spicy oil”. Moreover, the spicy oil gives the beef a hint of heat, distinguishing it from Cincinnati five-way chili. Krolls West is a Packers game-day favorite for its Green Bay chili and also old-fashioned service buttons.

Chilli Spaghetti green bay wisconsin
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Butter Burger

Butter burger is Wisconsin’s messy burger. Some say a butter burger is authentic when made with butter and ground meat. Others prefer buttered, toasted, as well as butter-topped buns.

Everyone agrees there must be enough butter to drip off the meat and form a pool on the plate. Additionally, Solly’s in Glendale, Wisconsin, opened in 1936 and serves meat fried in butter with stewed onions.

Butter Burger green bay wisconsin
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You just cannot leave Green Bay without sampling the flaky, multi-layered Kringle, which is Wisconsin’s official state pastry. Likewise, bakeries in Wisconsin create millions of Kringles, which are typically filled with fruit and topped with frosting or nuts. 

In the 1800s, Danish immigrants brought this treat to America. The Cherry Almond Kringle is topped with cream cheese icing and also made with Door County cherries.

Where to buy Kringles in Green Bay;

KRINGLES green bay wisconsin
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Fish Fry Fridays

On a Friday, you can pretty much go anywhere in Wisconsin without having to go very far to find a fish fry. In Green Bay, if you go out for a fish fry meal at one of the local restaurants, you can have beer-battered cod or perch, french fries, tartar sauce, and as well as a creamy coleslaw. 

Wisconsin’s culinary tradition has long included shared meals. Also, at a fish fry, it doesn’t matter if you’re a long-time resident or if it’s your first time in the area; everyone is welcome.

Fish Fry Fridays green bay wisconsin
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Cheese Curds

Deep-fried cheese curds are a Midwestern delicacy created from curds formed before aging cheeses like Cheddar. Fresh curds are springy and squeak when bitten, therefore they’re called squeaky cheese.

After 12 hours, curds lose their squeak; consume them the same day. Wisconsin’s various cheese factories and dairies make the freshest cheese curds.

Cheese Curds green bay wisconsin
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Bratwurst and Beer Brats

The aroma of bratwurst, which is peppery and savory, makes us want to shout, “Go Green Bay!” just thinking about it. These German-style links, required at any Wisconsin tailgate party, reflect the state’s cultural heritage.

In order to make mouthwatering beer brats using ingredients available locally, locals boost the ante by soaking the links in beer and cooking them in the beer. Preferably, they use a local brew.

Bratwurst and Beer Brats green bay wisconsin
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Brandy Old-Fashioned

Brandy Old-Fashioned is a Wisconsin-style Old-Fashioned. Whiskey, sugar, Angostura bitters, Maraschino cherries, orange slices, and also a club soda or water make a traditional Old-Fashioned. This regional version uses brandy as well as lemon-lime soda.

Mix orange, sugar or a sugar cube, Angostura, and cherries. The drink has ice, soda, and brandy. With an orange slice and Maraschino cherry.

Brandy Old-Fashioned green bay wisconsin
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Hoop Cheese

Red Rind Hoop Cheese comes from Wisconsin. Soft, hoop-shaped cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk. Red Rind Hoop Cheese is named for its waxy red coating. Springy and soft, but unaged, the cheese spoils quickly. Mild, salty, nutty flavors are typical. Due to its short shelf life, southern gas stations and restaurants sell Hoop Cheese.

Where to buy Hoop Cheese in Green Bay;

Hoop Cheese green bay wisconsin
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If you find yourself in this city, be sure to check out some of these popular dishes in Green Bay Wisconsin. And if you’re looking for a taste of Wisconsin that you can enjoy from home, be sure to check out these dishes and drinks!

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