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Traveling with kids can be a joy or a nightmare, depending on how well you plan. The great thing about traveling with kids is that they have no problem making the most of their surroundings. No matter where you are, they’ll find something to do. That’s great news for Green Bay, Wisconsin, which is a wonderful destination for adventurers of all ages. Though Green Bay is a big city, there is no lack of family-oriented activities to do with kids. Whether you’re visiting with your loved ones or need to entertain them for a few days while you’re working, here are six family-friendly highlights that should be on everyone’s agenda. The opportunities for spending time together as a family are endless!


Experience Green Bay with your Family

Take a tour with your family at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

Whether you’re a history buff or just a lover of nature, Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary offers something for everyone. One of the largest of its kind in the state, Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is a 600-acre urban refuge and home to over 200 species. Here, you can explore a variety of animal exhibits, view educational displays, and even go on a nature walk. It’s fun for the whole family and is an excellent place to learn more about the flora and fauna around Green Bay.

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary


Let your children experience their first amusement ride at Bay Beach Amusement Park

So you want to take your family on a fun day out and experience amusement rides that will make your heart race. You can do this by taking a trip to Bay Beach Amusement Park, conveniently located on the banks of Fox River Bay. This park is home to a handful of thrilling rides that will blast your adrenaline into overdrive, as well as a few safe and fun ones for the little ones.

Bay Beach Amusement Park gives families the opportunity to bond together. It has different rides that are fun for everyone. The amusement park has rides for both children and adults, so even grandparents can join in on the fun. It also offers unlimited fun with its season pass, which gives its patrons unlimited visits for one year.

Bay Beach Amusement Park


Let your children roam around the Green Bay Children’s Museum

The Green Bay Children’s Museum is a great way to spend a couple of hours on a trip with kids. It’s got the perfect combination of activities that allow children to climb, build, experiment, observe, and play pretend — all while completely immersing in the museum’s creative displays. 

And the best part is that it’s perfectly curated so that an adult can easily facilitate the child’s experience without having to be a full-time caretaker. You don’t have to worry about missing anything because there’s pretty much something for everyone here. And it’s all designed with that special attention to detail that seems to be lost in most museums these days.


Educate your children of the past in Heritage Hill State Historical Park

The Heritage Hill State Historical Park is a great way to spend a day or two immersing in Green Bay’s rich history. Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the park has an enjoyable variety of attractions that take you back to the past in northern Wisconsin. The parks reenact history that dates back to 1672 to 1940, so you can imagine how much there is to explore and discover.

For younger kids, there are plenty of opportunities for them to learn about the area’s history while they have fun. You can bring your children back in time by visiting one of the many historic buildings on site, where they’ll have the opportunity to try their hands at blacksmithing and cooking using period-accurate tools and utensils. They can also learn about how people lived during this time by visiting some of the houses that are still standing from this period. And if you’d like to immerse yourself in this historical period for a day, you can participate in reenactments throughout August that help you experience life as it was for soldiers and settlers during these years. 

Heritage Hill State Historical Park


Take your kids to the National Railroad Museum

If you’ve always wanted to see the Green Bay Packers play at Lambeau Field, then you’ll surely want to take your kids to the National Railroad Museum. When you visit, your kids get a chance to ride in a classic railway coach, steer an old-fashioned steam engine, and even explore the cab of a locomotive. The displays give your children a chance to learn about America’s rail history.

And, your little ones will love the fact that they could see an actual engineer in action. The museum hosts many events like Halloween train rides, Christmas train rides, and other events. You can even take them on a 25-minute ride on one of the National Railroad Museum’s historic trains from May to October.

The National Railroad Museum is also great for families who are looking for something fun to do together in Green Bay. If you’re planning a trip to Lambeau Field or going on a family vacation, this museum is the perfect place to visit!

National Railroad Museum


Introduce sports to your little ones at Lambeau Field

When you’re traveling with kids, it can be a challenge to decide what to do in each new city. From art galleries and zoos to amusement parks and botanical gardens, there are so many options that it can be overwhelming. If you’re planning a trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin, however, you can narrow your choices to just one: Lambeau Field.

You’ll have the opportunity to take part in fun football games and activities with your children — even if they’re not the biggest fans of the sport. As you enter the stadium, you’ll see players walking past on their way onto the field, where they’ll be greeted by cheering fans. Your family will get to walk through the same tunnel that players go through when they enter the field, which will surely make your little ones feel like they’re part of the action!

Lambeau Field


If you’re looking for family-friendly activities in the Green Bay area, then consider all the activities listed in this blog post! From taking a tour at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary to riding on the amusement park rides at Bay Beach Amusement Park, there’s something for everyone in this great city. So what are you waiting for? Get out and explore Green Bay with your loved ones today. And if you need garage door installation or repair, be sure to contact WI Garage Doors!

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