Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

If you love nature, you should visit the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This nature center is home to more than 400 animals from all over the world. It offers a wide variety of wildlife viewing opportunities and educational programs. Whether you are looking for a relaxing escape or an unforgettable adventure, the Sanctuary is the place to go.

The Sanctuary is free to visit. You can take a guided tour or hike the sanctuary on your own. For those who want to explore the wilderness, there are six miles of trails to choose from.

A large number of birds migrate through the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in the fall. Some of the species you can see include American White Pelicans, Snowy Egrets, and Double-crested Cormorants. Throughout the year, the sanctuary provides educational activities for children of all ages. Those who visit can also enjoy nature walks, cross country skiing, and fishing. In addition, you can participate in a variety of summer camps.

While visiting the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, you can learn about wildlife, including deer, wolves, bears, and monkeys. There are also a wide variety of exhibits that teach about the animals’ habitats and their migrations.

The Sanctuary is also an important part of the city’s park system. It is located on 250 acres of land adjacent to the Bay Beach Amusement Park. After the City of Green Bay purchased these lands, the Sanctuary was established as a bird rehabilitation facility. Now, the Sanctuary cares for more than 4,000 animals each year. Many of the animals are rehabilitated and released back into the wild.

The Sanctuary has three main buildings. One is an observation building. In this building, you can take in the panoramic views of the bay and view wildlife from the lookout tower. Another building is the Wildlife Center, which includes indoor and outdoor wildlife viewing areas. In the center, you can find a library, a children’s play area, and an educational center.

The Wildlife Center features several habitats that are unique to the area. These include 55 acres of lagoons, a flooded forest, a reclaimed field, and several other types of forest. Other habitats include Cat Island, a small island in the southernmost portion of the Green Bay that serves as a nesting site for colonial waterbirds.

The sanctuary is a popular destination for families. Thousands of visitors enjoy the nature center each year. Children can visit the habitats, listen to the animal talks, and watch the live animals. They can also participate in activities such as trail fitness walks, public campfires, and birthday parties for animals.

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is open seven days a week. It is closed on Sundays and holidays. Visitors must stay on marked trails. Additionally, there are no dogs allowed at the sanctuary. Guests can purchase a souvenir to remember their visit, including a long-sleeved t-shirt and a collector’s button.

The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is a wonderful place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you are looking for a family vacation or an unforgettable adventure, you will be rewarded with an experience like no other.

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