Garage Door Repair and Replacement

Whether you need a garage door repair or replacement, it is important to make sure you hire a professional who is skilled and experienced. This can help to ensure the safety of your family, as well as the property you live in. Taking care of these repairs yourself can be a dangerous endeavor, so it is advisable to only do it if you have the necessary knowledge and tools.

A common garage door repair problem is a broken spring. These springs are designed to counterbalance the weight of the door as it opens and closes. They are usually rated for around 10,000 cycles. If you experience a loud pop or rattling sound when opening or closing, this means that the springs have probably gone bad. These springs should be replaced.

Another garage door repair problem is a loose or damaged roller. This can happen if the track is misaligned, or if the rollers are not properly aligned. To prevent this from happening, you should clean the tracks regularly with a damp cloth. It is also a good idea to apply a lubricant that is dirt repellent. This will help to prevent any noise from the chains and rollers.

One of the most common causes of failure on openers is a worn out or damaged main drive gear. This gear is a plastic gear that comes in contact with the worm drive gear on the motor. To replace the gear, you will need to remove several components. You will need a 1/4-inch nut driver, a flat screwdriver, and a few screws to get it done. You will also need to use a zinc-chromate primer to avoid any further rust development.

In addition to springs, there are a number of other parts of the door that can be faulty. The door itself may have a cracked or sagging section, or it may be loose. If the door isn’t closing, you can check the lock switch. You can also see if the sensor lights are working. If the light isn’t on, you can also consider replacing them.

If your door isn’t locking, it can be caused by a keypad or a bad circuit board. These problems can occur when the door is closed, but the motor is still running. The wires from the door’s opener to the door’s switch can become loose, which can cause the door to stop moving. This can be repaired by unplugging the door’s motor and re-plugging it.

When you have your door fixed, make sure to check your warranty coverage. Some warranties will cover the entire door, while others will only require you to replace specific parts. You should also look at ratings to find a company that has a good reputation. The more reviews a company has, the more information you will have about its level of expertise.

If your garage door isn’t working, you can do a quick inspection of the door and hardware to determine the problem. This will allow you to fix it as quickly as possible. You can also have the door and cables tightened or straightened.

Garage Door Repair – Why You Shouldn’t Do it Yourself

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